Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So this Picture is for all the people who keep asking for a belly pic, even though I don't like to take them here it is! I had a doctors appointment today and everything looks good I am 32 weeks along and she and flipped and dropped already. She is quite the active baby she moves no stop during the day. Me and Josh are getting excited and I am getting a little nervious.

Happy Birthday Josh!!!!! Just turned 25! These are pics of him and I and his family.
I Love You So Much!!!!!

We had fight night at our house and needed some extra sits so we put the bean bag down stairs and the next day this is what I found. Duke thinks this is his new luxury bed.

This is my new Blonde Blonde hair, I am still trying to get use to it.


This is our Visit to Texas Road house for Tyler and Josh's Birthday the whole
group was there Mike and Cat, Kami and Zack, Mom and Jeff, Braedon, Tyler and Tallon
and Me and Josh. Tyler and Josh even had to sit on the saddle together. How cute!!!!!

This was our trip to the Myan for Braedon and Zach's birthdays! Happy Birthday Boys!!!
Braedon turned 8 and Zach turned 23.