Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well I thought I should update everyone I had my doctor's appointment yesturday
and he said everything looks great her heart beat is at 155 beats which is good he said
she is just the right size and I am not to uncomfortable yet. He did say that I have only
gained 12 pounds so far which is good, but I am telling you I feel and look like I have gained
more, I am sure these last 3 months I will pack on the pounds and I am not looking forward to it.
I already hate putting on socks and shoes, bending over is not fun at all. But I guess we will just wait and see. Love you all!

This is a pictures of Josh before work wearing his lettermans jacket to bug
all the BYU fans!!! GO UTAH!!!!!

This is a picture of Josh asleep on the couch and Duke snuck up there to sleep
with him. Our dog loves to cuddle to much!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I thought I should update....

Well I thought I would be better at updating my blog, but I haven't been good at all and
I am sorry for those of you who check it frequently. Well to update everyone I am feeling good and I am 25 weeks today. I would have to admit that I am getting a little scared, I worry about losing her, because you just never know. And I am scared that when she does come that I won't know what to do. These are just some of my fears as I am getting closer to my due date. I do have some more pics of her but for some reason my printer wouldn't scan them today, but I will keep trying. Me and Josh are super excited for Christmas and can't wait to see everyone. Hope everyone is doing well.