Friday, June 19, 2009


So we have had the longest week of our lives this week.
Last Friday Josh came home feeling sick and got worse and worse,
then on Sunday night I came down with the same thing and became very sick
and we tried everything not to get Sadie sick but we failed. Wednesday night
Sadie came down with a fever of 101 and so when I called her doctor they told me
to take her to the hospital so we did and that was the longest night of our lives we
were there for 8 hours in the middle of the night. That morning they called to tell
us she has the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu)...... My baby.... Why.... I just cried and cried. So we are all stuck in our house for a week with the Swine Flu, not my luck
at all. But I am happy to let everyone know that we are all doing well and want to thank everyone that has prayed for us and I especially want to thank Jeff for giving
Sadie a blessing. Well I guess sometimes your greatest fears come true. Hopefully
this week goes by fast and we don't get sick of being in this house. Make sure you
wash your hands!!!


The Hancuff's said...

i am so sad for you and baby girl...and josh i guess. i have a love/hate relationship with primary childrens hospital. get better. that's my worst fear too. all i know is that blessings work:)

Kari said...

I hope you guys feel better soon! That is so scary for her to get sick. It is going around like crazy. I seriously think every baby in our family (that lives in Utah at least) has been sick in the last 2-3 weeks.

When you guys are all feeling better we should get together.

The Felts said...

Ah! Muffin I'm so sorry, how scary!! I'm sure everything will be just fine, they say it's just as bad as a regular ol' flu. ((HUGS)) Keep me posted though!! And don't worry about the shower, we missed you though!!

Tyler & Ashley said...

I have been working with people that have Swine Flu... I am so sorry! You must be so miserable! If you need anything just give us a call!!! Love you guys!

The Maughans said...

I wish I knew!! I would have sent extra prayers your way. I'm glad to hear you're on the mend... keep taking care of each other!!

Hugs and Kisses!